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Companies that recruited new graduates into true graduate jobs.
Based on information given by over 950,000 graduates.

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There are over 29,000 employers on the official UK Sponsor Register. These companies are licensed to sponsor migrant workers under tiers 2 and 5 of the Register of Sponsors. The original listing is available from UK Visas and Immigration which can be accessed through this weblink. We do not maintain the original list.

We offer an Excel version of the latest Register of Sponsors, with no enhancements, for £18 (inclusive of VAT where applicable).

Alternatively, you can purchase the enhanced the Register of Licensed Sponsors.

The following has been added to our improved version of the Register:

Contact names, email addresses and much more will be added to this file. Monthly/Quarterly subscribers will receive these additions at no extra cost.

If there is a substantial need we will make our enhanced register available via an online searchable portal.

The money from every purchase is invested back into improving our enhanced register of sponsors and into our website, which helps Graduates and Students find suitable employment.

Individual Purchase (personal use only):

o One-off feed £60 £48 (inclusive of VAT where applicable)

Corporate Purchase:

o For full file one-off feed £490+VAT £390+VAT

o For full file and ongoing quarterly refresh £150+VAT £120+VAT per quarter

o For full file and ongoing monthly refresh £70+VAT £50+VAT per month

The discounts shown above will are available throughout June/July 2017.
We aim to deliver within 1 working day of receiving payment.

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If you are looking for work in the UK, our list of sponsors may be of use, you can use it to contact the companies directly.

We do NOT find people jobs:

Unfortunately we are not in a position to help you find employment. You must contact the companies on the register of sponsors directly.

Employment enquiries will not receive a response!

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